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Sure I might be having a netflix-and-chill sort of night in reality, but it hasn’t stopped me from daydreaming about this silk number by Reformation and the beautiful fountain at the Four Seasons Beverly Hills. So romantic, and a night to never forget. Here’s a little weekend party outfit inspiration for this having more special plans. I picked out this lovely piece at the new Reformation store on Melrose. It’s super innovative and high-tech. To me, it has a bit of a showroom setting with an open, minimal floor plan. There’s one of each piece on the floor, and if you want it, the girls will pull it in your size and have it waiting for you in your dressing room. Not only that, there are actual iPads in each dressing room, where you browse the shop’s website, and click on what you want to try on…and immediately. Simply click on the style and size, close your closet door and the Ref team gathers it for you, behind the scenes to add it to your closet. When your closet is ready, your screen will give send you an adorable notification letting you know to open your closet doors. Voila, your items have magically appeared in your dressing room without the need to run out barefoot or half-naked on the shopping floor looking for another size. I think it’s pretty brilliant. Man, technology really is something isn’t it?

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