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Rancho Chilamate

It was a super hot afternoon at Rancho Chilamate in Nicaragua. This intimate Eco Lodge has 4 guest of rooms and a pool…located just a 10 minute horseback ride to the beach. I couldn’t help but stop and admire the ranch’s gorgeous horses as I took them on a little walk around the property. I’ve admired horses forever, and very rarely got close to them. My parents always said that this mystical creature was my spirit animal…and not only because I was long and lean with straight hair down to my bum. We had a black stallion painting in my home growing up and I’d stare at it….admiring it’s strength and beauty. It’s also because I’m born in the Chinese Year of the Horse! In my mind, they represent beauty and the freedom to run with the wind. For this afternoon, I blended in with my surrounding with a full linen look and sun hat. Nicaragua was hot and dry this past month as the rainy season will come in the summer months ahead. But I couldn’t have been happier. I plopped down by the pool with a Toña cerveza and looked up at the blue sky. I didn’t want to be anywhere else.

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