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Dresses by Preen

Meet two stand-out summer statement dresses by Preen by Thornton Bregazzi. One, a hot red number made for salsa dancing, and another wrapped up like a perfect Grecian summer. I snagged these from the Preen Spring 2019 Ready-to-Wear runway. You’ll notice the collection’s 80’s vintage inspiration with a perfectly-imperfect twist. Overly ruffled, overly layered. Every little detail counts with Preen, and I can spend hours counting them all out, but I’ll spare you. This is one designer label that just makes me happy the moment I slip into it. This is one designer label that just makes me happy the moment I slip into it.

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Dress: Preen. Handbag: Prada. Shoes: Coach (few seasons ago). Ring: Olivia Burton London.

It is pieces like this Preen dress that really excite me. Exaggerated shoulders. Unexpected colors. I could go on and on and dissect this one incredible piece because I just love it so much. Oh, and catch a glimpse at my newest obsession, the Prada Sidonie handbag. See below for all the colors it comes in! I got to really paint Manhattan blue and green on this very gloomy day just before it began to rain. These two luxurious statement pieces just work. Preen and Prada. Those are certainly my two favorite P’s.

So far, I have been spending a lot more time in NYC. It has allowed me to be super productive. Winter hibernation is the perfect time to cook up new ideas and really visualize what I want my new year to be like.  It’s so important to take moments for yourself, to wrap your head around goals and aspirations. And believe me, I have plenty. There will always be that constant need to continue to create meaningful and thoughtful content, just on to the next level. I’ve just wrapped up some really amazing projects this month, with exciting new work on the horizon that I’ll be documenting on here every week. Spending all of this extra time in NYC has allowed me to focus and re-center. It’s allowed me make my house feel more like a home. It’s allowed me to tap into the things that move me like creating short fashion films and singing and dancing and discovering new ways to express myself. I’m certainly using this time in the Big Apple to do what fuels me before I have to pack up again and fly to another destination for work. And being somewhat of a homebody in my own bustling city is exactly what I needed right before a very hectic fashion month. And boy oh boy, am I excited for another inspiring NYFW. This season, you’ll see me in a lot of color. Bold shoulders, loads of plaids, and statement dresses! I think everyone is going to be ready to party after this short winter hibernation.

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Dress: Preen by Thornton Bregazzi. Boots: Frye. Earrings: Annika Inez

My love for Preen by Thornton Bregazzi continues with this spectacular red sequin midi. But it’s not just any sequin party dress, it’s a piece of art. I want to collect every single one of Preen’s dresses. I took this piece through the Mojave Desert yesterday on the way to Viva Las Vegas. Clearly, I have that old school Nevada glamour on my mind. I love the contrast of something so glamorous against something so simple, dusty, and raw. We hopped out of the car and caught that very last light of sunset. It brought out the fire red color even more. I feel so inspired and free in this environment. A dress made of dreams, windswept hair, and a worn-in pair of cowboy boots. I will always love the quiet and peacefulness of the open road. Today I’m keeping things short and sweet as I’m away on holiday. I tend to get more inspired as I’m on the road, coming up with new concepts and grabbing my camera. Team Suarez never stops. Keep checking back in for more in the wild, wild west.

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