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I have lately been obsessed with Nancy Sinatra. Hearing “These Boots Were Made for Walking” in a Brooklyn bar moved me the other night. I couldn’t stop playing her tunes. Here I am dancing, shot by my amazing sister Dylana, singing my own rendition of Nancy Sinatra’s BANG BANG. Recorded with my guitar in my bathroom today. My favorite way to do it in my opinion. Bare bones.

Dylana has been making this series of beautiful videos featuring all of our friends doing what they love most. For me, it’s dancing, pretty dresses, and singing soulful tunes. I am excited to take part in the first clip! She always makes magic in front of or behind the lens. Love you sis.


Filmed by Dylana Suarez. Music by me. 

Dress by Cleobella. 

Follow along on YOUTUBE.