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Mulberry jacket, skirt, tights, and bag // Reike Nen shoes // Moya earrings

Yellow! Swirls! The new Mulberry Ready-to-Wear collection is absolutely outstanding. It just makes Dylana and I want to move and groove as if we were in the 60’s. I feel a lot of mod inspiration came into these looks with the fabulous round collars, boxy shapes, and statement buttons. We definitely brought the fun to The Ritz in Paris. The hotel is fit for a queen. The moment I walked in, I was blown away by the decadent decor and amazing hospitality. I think this might be my favorite hotel to stay in Paris! I immediately soaked in all of our gorgeous surroundings. Everything in our rooms was immaculate…from the golden swan knobs on our sink, to the pretty tassels hanging on our beds. Why is everything so golden and shiny and picture-perfect at The Ritz? I feel so lucky to have been able to spend the week here with Dylana along with our special guests, Mama and Papa Suarez. It’s not everyday that my parents get to travel with us on a work trip, so it really was just magical. I’m savoring all of our recent family time. They really do keep me going. Team Suarez never stops. 

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Mulberry England does lady like chic, with a modern twist unlike anyone else. The quality in this perfect blue suit is beyond. I wore this out for a gorgeously romantic night out at this season’s Paris Fashion Week. I have been pretty non-stop this season. NYFW -> PFW -> Montreal and now back for my second collection launch tomorrow here in NYC. One more week until Dubai. PHEW. It wasn’t until I landed in Paris that I felt a tingle of winter hit my face. The cold is a’ coming and I’m switching out my summer wardrobe with my favorites for fall. Right now, I’m really into sets. They’re easy, super elegant, and perfect to travel with. I can always count on a set to become 4 outfits with a few extra tops and bottoms. There’s something about Paris that brings out that lady like fashion sense in me. I like seeing a little prim and proper look on a totally rebellious cool girl. Just forget brushing your hair out and grab your fanciest shoes.

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Now this a side cut-out design to talk about. It’s new, elevated, and super sexy. And yes, you can still wear undies with it thank goodness! Mulberry England sure knows how to va-va-voom up a simple ribbed maroon dress. This was shot back in Cannes. I’ve spent quite some time in the South of France this summer and it’s been divine. I know exactly what to pack in about 10 minutes. My travel go-to’s have easily become giant earrings, slip-on dresses, and a good mule sandal. Forget the curling iron, and put your hair in a messy bun. That’s the beauty of summer. With the heat and the sun, you sort of become forced to be comfortable in your own skin. You suddenly want to whip out that mini skirt and bare backed tank, without anything holding your confidence back. There’s one word to describe how I feel in this dress and that is: fearless.

This year so far has been insane and sometimes I have to stop and pinch myself and think “is this real life?” A lot of what I do from traveling, meeting new people constantly, finding inspiration, and coming up with new ideas really comes from finding that fearlessness inside of me. That ability to say, “I can do this.” I think a lot of success and happiness comes from within… being secure in your own skin. It’s okay to get a little crazy and it’s okay to let your freak flag fly. I do it all the time. My latest trip to Singapore proved just that. I met a group of absolutely wonderful people and made amazing new friends. Together we laughed uncontrollably and joked at the stupidest things, and that’s what I’ll remember most (besides the delicious food of course). I was so jet lagged I nearly face planted into my food, but I didn’t care if anyone judged me. We had FUN. It’s important to let loose, drop all judgements, and have fun in an industry that sometimes feels so serious. I’ve learned everything in life comes easier when you just don’t sweat the small stuff and live a little. So I guess today’s word is fearless. Fearless in your own skin. I’m already thinking up a time I can whip out this dramatic side hip at the next party because it’s just sooooo fire.

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