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It’s been a while since I’ve simply worn a good leather boot and leather jacket. These are items that just stick. They’re the essentials. They’re always right. With fashion constantly evolving and exposing me to new trends and interesting cuts, eccentric designs, and kaleidoscope heels (which I adore of course), I sometimes forget how amazing simplicity and the essentials really are. IRO really nails it when it comes to essentials. Back in California, I lean towards these easier pieces, paired with a breezy floral dress because it’s just the way of Californian living and breathing. It requires zero effort. Recently, I think about California a lot, and my parents, the sun, and the ocean. I miss these family road trips from my hometown of Los Angeles down to Laguna Beach. I can’t wait to do it all again every winter, with nothing to do in the backseat of the car but gaze up into the blue sky. This summer has been a wild and busy one so the calmness of the ocean is always in the back of my mind. I think about the times I would read my book on the front porch as I tan my legs. I think about the open road. I think about the mess the salty air makes of my hair. Home will always have a place in my heart. I’m dedicating this month to spending a little more times outside by the water.

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…from some sandy beach.

As of late, it seems I’ve brought out the inner art student in my wardrobe. Berets here. Stockings there. Scarves wrapped tightly around my neck. All of my travel go-to’s that I simply wear over and over again but just in different ways. But no, I was not headed to the library, but rather hopped in my car and headed down the coast. Seal Beach. Huntington. The cliffs and coves of Laguna. Places where the sunsets never cease to turn the sky a purple haze. There was an artist just standing and painting the scene, and it was perfect. Moments where you don’t have to think, just look and pause for a second. With the new year, my schedule and travels have been non-stop. I just landed back from the gorgeous Florence, Italy…and already scheduled to attend Sundance Film Festival (yes, SO excited). There really is no point in unpacking the ol’ duffel bag now is there.

natalie-suarez-los-angeles-street-style-21natalie-suarez-los-angeles-street-style-24natalie-suarez-los-angeles-street-style-25natalie-suarez-los-angeles-street-style-19natalie-suarez-los-angeles-street-style-4natalie-suarez-los-angeles-street-style-8natalie-suarez-los-angeles-street-style-12natalie-suarez-los-angeles-street-style-2natalie-suarez-los-angeles-street-style-5natalie-suarez-los-angeles-street-style-6natalie-suarez-los-angeles-street-style-10natalie-suarez-los-angeles-street-style-14natalie-suarez-los-angeles-street-style-23natalie-suarez-los-angeles-street-style-18natalie-suarez-los-angeles-street-style-15natalie-suarez-los-angeles-street-style-9natalie-suarez-los-angeles-street-style-17natalie-suarez-los-angeles-street-style-22// Diesel wolf jacket, White + Warren scarf, Amanda Uprichard dress, Miista boots, Marie Turnor handbag, DKNY tights //