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// La Perla maison contouring bodysuit, La Perla x La Bouche Rouge Les Rouges Universels Lipstick Set //

I am so excited to be working with La Perla. It may just be the most luxurious and iconic lingerie brand of all time. With this look, I am celebrating beauty, design, craftsmanship, and our planet. It’s just me, my Maison Contouring bodysuit, and a perfect red lip. This is the La Perla x La Bouche Rouge Parisiens Lipstick Set: a handcrafted leather case with refillable serum formulas to fight the use of plastic. A woman loves two things: lingerie and lipstick. And not for anyone else but herself. Lately, I feel the most comfortable in my own skin than ever before. It feels liberating. Let’s all love our perfect imperfections and treat ourselves with a lot more care. Own your body.