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& Other Stories LA Collection Part 2

Pink is certainly one of LA’s colors. The Barbie pink cars in our minds growing up as children of the westside. The pink streaks we always wanted in our hair for Halloween. The bubblegum pink nail polish we painted on at the back of class. The shade of my very first lipstick I stole from my mom’s cabinet. Pink is both rebellious and sweet. The & Other Stories LA collection featured ton of pink, and in every single tone and vibe.

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I am so excited that & Other Stories has just launched their LA collection, all of which are designed in their beautiful LA Atelier. I loved being a part of the launch campaign shoot. So far I’ve visited 2 of their 3 ateliers: Paris and Los Angeles. Next one on the list? Stockholm. Each uniquely stunning and each true to their city’s DNA. The brand as a whole takes¬†inspiration from all over the world, and that is what draws it to me the most. Remember our Paris fall campaign shoot?! Well, Los Angeles is just as dreamy and of course. It’s also my home, so that made the whole experience even more magical.

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