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// Kate Spade cardigan, shorts, handbag (similar), earrings, and shoes //

I am serving up my favorite sweet treats on Kate Spade plates! Lately, I am keeping things close to home, and this is how summer is looking for me so far. Who knew a picnic basket could double as my favorite purse? I’ve got the cherries. The pie. The fruits. Kate Spade brings on the sunshine yet again. 


// Kate Spade bedding, pajamas, earrings, dress, and green satchel // 

This is the “current me” verus the “future me” with Kate Spade! This month I’m also working on featuring my favorites from Kate Spade home, like this extra comfy striped bedding. The current me is sleeping in because I may never have the time again, while the future me is ready to hit the town in bold pinks and greens with this amazing satchel. Stay groovy and make the most of these days indoors everyone. I’m finally ready to roll out of bed and get some bacon and eggs going. 


This week, I’ll be playing catch up and going through the ol’ hard drive and finally sharing the UNPUBLISHED. Months fly by when you’re working your booty off and suddenly you wonder where did the time go? I wore that? When?┬áLike they say, it didn’t happen, unless you grammed it.┬áTeam Suarez can never have enough content, content, content. Right now, I have too much. Is that even possible? This particular moment brings me back to that really delicious low-key Thai restaurant in Soho and the swish of this lusciously soft leather skirt. I am so over thinking of the cold slush that’s trekking through the snowy city, so let’s take a little break and discuss these amazing embellished sandals. I left them at my home in LA, and this lucky gal is flying back next week. Hellooooo sandal weather. This New Yorker is having major cabin fever and already running out of cute coats. Girl needs out, and fast, even if for only a few days.

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Count on me to walk out of the house in bright pink socks. That’s the wonderful thing about fall and winter in the city. Socks officially get to come out and play, finishing off just about any look. And I love them extra bold, even with a statement shoe. Check out the new Kate Spade New York “Monica” heels that I’ll be wearing all holiday long. Dress them up or down, or layer them with a playful, sexy sock. I love them every which way. Kate Spade right now is killing it in the holiday shoe department. All I’ve ever wanted for Christmas is a perfect pair of sparkling shoes that will glitter every which way I turn. This is the look I went for on my birthday weekend. My girlfriends and I always go with a theme, and that is to add sparkle. It can be anything. In your tank, in your skirt…but what I love most is on my shoes. Even if that’s strolling around the industrial streets of DUMBO. I love that contrast…something so put together and feminine against something so gritty, like Brooklyn. It’s fun being a girl sometimes. This is an unexpected color palette for fall, but that’s what layering is all about: experimentation. Being daring and quirky. What’s not love about being different? Baby blues. Dark navy. Bright pink! And the final touches of black. Time to do some color pop before the holidays!


// Kate Spade New York “monica” heels, Rodebjer trench coat, Cameo Collective dress, Jerome Bocchio handbag //