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I always start my mornings with one or two cups of coffee! No matter where I am in the world, I love slow mornings as I have my first cup… the aroma filling my kitchen and awakening my senses. My love for coffee began with my mother. When I was child, I would always prepare her cups of coffee throughout the day…brewing it up and topping it off with a delicious creamer. The smell always warms my heart. As I’ve grown up, my love for coffee grows more and more as I discover its art. And now, I have this ultra luxurious coffee maker, the illy X1 Anniversary machine in Black. I fell in love with it just by looking at it. It’s iconic and classic design is super chic. It looks stunning in my kitchen at home, and perfectly contrasts against the reds and whites of my decor. It’s a super special multi-beverage machine. I can prepare espresso, cappuccinos, coffee, and lattes with ease. The delicious espresso I normally only get when I’m in Italy, I now make daily at home. illy’s Master Barista, Giorgio Milos, came over to my abode to teach me all the ins, outs, and tricks to making a delicious cup of joe.

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