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For me, a lot of my looks are about comfort. I’m a traveler and explorer, so I am always on the move. I always just want that certain something that I can cuddle in. That’s how I fell in love with American Giant. They just launched their newest hoodie, The Essential, and I’m in love with the fall hues. It’s a slim, sexy fit, and definitely the softest hoodie ever made. The Essential is made of Supima cotton and Modal Fiber. Supima cotton being the highest quality American-grown cotton on the market. The Modal adds that luster and smoothness. Trust me, you have got to feel this hoodie. I like mine best styled with a pair of skinny jeans, American Giant tee-shirt, and neck scarf.

I’m super stoked to be a part of the #BeGiant campaign highlighting cool women, doing cool things. See more here.


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