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I was in Paris for work this past week and with the time difference and excitement, I didn’t get much sleep. For some reason, I anxiously awaited our delicious breakfast each morning at our hotel, the Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme, and stayed up late into the night catching up on emails, as everyone I work with in NYC was wide awake. Though the city was cold and wet, it still felt more romantic than ever. When I think of romance, I think of Les Marais. I like to say it’s similar to what the West Village is in NYC. Chic, quaint, and just gorgeous. I spent hours with a friend and my boyfriend at Mariage Frères, the iconic tea house, ordering a delicious white herbal pot and munching on the most delicious strawberry cake. I could stay there forever. On a rainy day in the city, there’s really nothing better to do than cuddle up in a gorgeous tea house with zero on your agenda. I had my day off, so I was ready to stroll the glistening streets and get lost in it’s beauty. As for what I packed, I made sure everything was versatile. Like these over-the-knee boots by Tamara Mellon and stunning mini belt bag by Givenchy. I layered these key pieces with just about everything, like this very French-girl-cool dress and blazer by it Parisian label of the moment, Rouje. I surprisingly packed only a 35 lb suitcase, when normally, I’m this close to paying an overweight baggage fee. I did do a little designer shopping while I was away, so I’m happy I left a little extra room in my packed bag. This trip was a beautiful one and I feel lucky that work always brings me to Paris each year. It’s a city everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime. Looks like I’ll be back in a few more weeks for just about the best fashion week yet.

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BLACK MAGIC | Givenchy


It’s black lipstick, but not just any black lipstick. Givenchy’s Rouge Interdit Vinyl lipstick in Noir Révé lateur is a magical lipstick that adjusts to the PH of your lips. It creates a beautiful and unique shade for everyone. For me, the Noir Révé lateur lipstick becomes this rich, deep maroon shade. The more I layer it on, the deeper the color. It can go from light berry to dark plum. I am seriously obsessed with this luxe product. The fact that it also keeps my lips super hydrated is a major plus. You never want those overly stained wine colored lips. This lipstick gives a natural look…oh, and it’s lip plumping. A total double-wammy. Givenchy always amazes me with their edgy, but wearable products. Dark, seductive, but still so charming. And come on, how BEAUTIFUL is it’s delicate packaging. I love my Noir Révé lateur for a late night on the dance floor in my favorite satin red pant suit. Now who will be casting spells tonight?

givenchy-rouge-interdit-vinyl-lip-natalie-suarez-15givenchy-rouge-interdit-vinyl-lip-natalie-suarez-16givenchy-rouge-interdit-vinyl-lip-natalie-suarez-18givenchy-rouge-interdit-vinyl-lip-natalie-suarez-19givenchy-rouge-interdit-vinyl-lip-natalie-suarez-24givenchy-rouge-collage-1givenchy-rouge-interdit-vinyl-lip-natalie-suarez-2givenchy-rouge-interdit-vinyl-lip-natalie-suarez-3givenchy-rouge-interdit-vinyl-lip-natalie-suarez-4givenchy-rouge-interdit-vinyl-lip-natalie-suarez-6givenchy-rouge-interdit-vinyl-lip-natalie-suarez-10Shop it at Barneys!