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How amazing are these Giuseppe Zanotti sneakers? I like to call them my pink space shoes. They’re the new Giuseppe Zanotti LIGHT JUMP and I’m in love with this futuristic, sport chic look. Best dressed from head to toe with 2018’s it color: hot pink. Zanotti is a shoe god…I love everything this Italian man does! Speaking of which, I just survived another wild fashion week in the lovely Milano. I ate a ton of pasta, had a lot of pizza, and did some lucky spinning in the Duomo. I like to get lost in Milan. I can never remember the street names and my Italian is absolutely awful, but I enjoy simply walking around, having an espresso, and staring up at the dreamy apartment windows. It’s all been going by too fast! I am already onto my 3rd and final city this week, Columbus, Ohio. Milan to Ohio…say what? Take a guess! I am speaking at Ohio State University tomorrow afternoon with my sister Dylana. We’re just sharing our story. Giving insight on how we started…what our thoughts on the industry are… and how we’re evolving with it and constantly adapting. It’s amazing and important for me to connect with all of these new faces and start a real, honest conversation about the influencer, digital space because social media applies to every single person in every field. The opportunities are endless, you just have to use it smartly and for the right reasons. I also like hearing thoughts, opinions, and questions about what being an influencer really means today. I’m about to meet many ambitious and smart college students from one of the largest universities in the country who are certainly going to have many thoughtful questions. I can hardly wait!

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