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Milan. Fendi. Fitting. Showtime. Visiting the Fendi headquarters for Milan Fashion Week was an absolute dream. I immediately spotted Karl Lagerfeld nonchalantly strolling down the hallway in preps for the fashion show. I had to pinch myself from all the excitement…is this place even real? I couldn’t help but dreamily run my fingers through every long silk dress at our fitting. Every dress so perfectly sharp at the shoulders with an exaggerated, feminine waistline. It’s certainly the most flattering cut on any woman. So classic, elongating, and elegant. Dylana and I had a ball at our fitting… slipping into extra high waisted skirts and buttoning up into bright pink blazers. The fit was always so on point. I chose the iconic Fendi sock bootie and triple clutch bag as a finishing touch. Fendi has mastered the tongue-in-cheek, super eclectic look that still remains timeless. Bright bold hues with a beautiful play on luxurious texture. It’s no surprise Dylana and I both ended up choosing this Fendi F/W ’17 silhouette. We like to gravitate towards similar pieces yet pull it off in a completely different and unique way. Getting to play in such an iconic fashion house is nothing but a dream.

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