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I have worn Vitamin A Swim for years. Their classic neutra bralette top and hipster bottom is what me got me hooked. I have this triangle bikini in almost every single color. Nothing else fit my body like this amazing eco-luxe suit does! What do I mean by eco-luxe? ┬áThe eco-luxe suits are made of superfine matte jersey with superior stretch, made in California with RECYCLED nylon fiber. The incredible fit comes largely from the amazing fabric and graphic silhouette. How amazing is it that now we can have everything down to our swimsuits be eco-friendly and sustainable? Vitamin A is super cautious on how we can preserve our planet and go green. I swear the Neutral eco-luxe suits looks incredible on just about every body type. Here in Nicaragua, at the Aqua Wellness Resort, it reminded me why we should be conscious of our planet in the first place. So much of Nicaragua feels untouched from the beautiful secret bays to the monkeys and birds that lived by our treehouses. It’s what makes the country special. I feel gratitude knowing that more and more people are becoming involved. Our beautiful planet is delicate so let’s take better care of it even if that means starting in a small way. Maybe that means using less water by taking shorter showers. Maybe it means remembering to turn off the bathroom lights when you’re not in it and cutting down on electricity. Maybe it means having a recycling bin in your house so you just don’t forget. If that doesn’t feel like a luxury, know that making a change will in the long run. Through the years I’ve become more caring simply by adding a little thought that go into my normal everyday actions and saying no to waste. Start small and get yourself one of these eco-luxe bikinis. You’ll thank me later.

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