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I will continue to spread the love of Dunton! It truly is a special place. Here is Part 2 of my snowy adventure with Electrify Getaways at the luxurious Dunton Hot Springs in Colorado. This little ghost town is now a super dreamy resort destination with a series of luxury cabins. It’s quickly become a “must visit” location not just in the winter, but year round. If you’re in Telluride, stay at the Dunton Town House, their quaint and super chic location in the bustling ski town, before making your way for a weekend soak at Dunton Hot Springs. With Electrify Getaways, a winter weekend in Colorado is both relaxing and exhilarating. Aside from many hours bathing in the hot springs and snuggling up in our beautiful cabin, I had no idea how many amazing outdoor activities we really had planned. It felt amazing to have so much movement on a getaway. To build up a sweat. To feel the soreness of my muscles. To build up a real appetite for the delicious wholesome food and red wine waiting for us after a good hot shower. During cross country skiing, I was panting as I trekked my way through the heavy snow. I couldn’t see anything in front of me, beside me, or behind me, but it was magic. To be a little lost in Mother Nature and to see the trees towering above you. Suddenly, I felt so small. I really got to disconnect. Now that was what I needed on this getaway. I happily powered through what felt like a blizzard knowing that hot chocolate would be waiting for me in no time thanks to the Dunton team. From snow shoeing in the morning sun, and a day ice climbing (I went all the way to the top!) all I could think of was my 4pm deep tissue massage and last dip in the hot spring. I had a really relaxing “ahhhh” moment the second my toes hit the water. Now that is the best feeling in the world.

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I have to pinch myself after I visit a place as beautiful as Dunton Hot Springs. Tucked away in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, you feel far from home yet in the best way possible. It’s such a luxury to be able to travel to such remote, gorgeous locations. Dunton Hot Springs was a mining enclave back in it’s day. This little ghost town has since transformed into one of the most desired and luxurious getaways in Colorado. It feels both exclusive and equally as welcoming thanks to it’s wonderful and friendly staff. A lot of my day was spent around the dining table, at communal breakfasts, lunches, and dinners between afternoons on the slopes and evenings soak in the outdoor hot spring. It’s a beautiful thing when people from all over the world can come together and have a delicious meal with engaging conversation. I was lucky to spend my time there with the Electrify Getaways team. I shot for their magazine on an editorial feature, Electrify Mag, back in the day and since then, we’ve been trying to get back together, but in a totally new place. I have never spent much time in Colorado so I was especially excited. With the long drive from the local airport of Montrose, I fell asleep only to be woken up by the soft patter of snow on the windshield. There she was, the gorgeous town of Dunton Hot Springs perched perfectly on the side of the mountains. I can imagine how different it is from Aspen. It’s secluded, quiet, and really just a place to unwind and really appreciate what Mother Nature has to offer. Dylana and I had the most gorgeous cabin. Think luxurious heated floors, Aesop shampoos and conditioners, and an amazing shelf of books. This is the epitome of relaxation and recovery. Here I am in my best mountain girl look: a shearling coat, knit dress, and trapper hat. Wherever I go, I tend to become a chameleon, drawing inspiration from the town’s colors and textures…fully blending in and becoming one with my surroundings. I fell in love with the wooden walls, embroidered teal rugs, and quilted blankets. The decor felt very authentic and true to what was left or the little ghost town of Dunton with an upscale, modern twist. The best part of my days began early. My internal clock woke up at 6am for any outgoing emails and I was always first at breakfast come 8am. I love when the place is still a bit sleepy. The smell of my freshly brewed coffee and sizzling bacon on the stove top. I took my seat by the fireplace in the main cabin. Now that I was wide awake, with the crisp cool air hitting my face, all I had to think about was whether I would simply go skiing or spend the afternoon in the hot springs. Why not both?

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