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Photographed by Bartosz Jankowski for DUMBO LIVING August 2020  

I am finally sharing our Suarez Sisters cover story for DUMBO LIVING magazine! Both Dylana and I are Dumbo, Brooklyn homeowners, and we couldn’t be more proud. For me, it is already going on already 5 years! Investing in this neighborhood was the easiest decision I ever made and I was only a baby! A big leap as my first home, but when you know, you know right? I feel so lucky. Dumbo is my heart and home. I remember the very first time it took my breath away, 10 years ago. It felt like magic, and it still does. The city skyline. The sparkling water. I like to call them my own little beaches. There’s so much natural beauty, and what I love most, is that it’s a tiny little pocket. A small, but special neighborhood. Bustling days, followed by sleepy nights. It’s become our true East Coast homes and also where we really built our careers…a place that changed my aspirations in many ways. I am pretty sure I’m here to stay. Enjoy the story!