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I fell in love with the print of this vintage Japanese dress. Daisies on daisies. I scoured it at the Greenpoint studio of Doppelstandard, and I knew it was just perfect for my Seoul Fashion Week travels. Now I am a lot more picky with my vintage. The fits. The quality. The colors. It’s always hard finding something unique that doesn’t require a trip to the tailor. I had a very unfussy day at the shows in Korea. Our shuttle, so quirky and full of colors and prints, always right on time at our hotel for pick-up. I loved arriving to DDP before the crowds of streetstyle stars (and street style babys) walked up and down the ramp…with the slew of photographers on their knees getting the right shot. I just wanted to see the shows. Constantly blown away by Korea’s eclectic taste and styling. I look at the runway and I’m thinking “wow, that is exactly how I would have styled it.”¬†One show that really stood out to me was Lucky Choulette. It was an 8pm show on the terrace of DDP though I easily could have crawled back into bed at The Shilla, I had a feeling it was going to be good. Sequins with sparkles. Gowns with baseball caps. 50’s padded shoulders. Western influences that’d make any cowboy turn his head. It was a mix of Isabel Marant westerness, meets Marc jacobs quirkiness, meets Natalie Off Duty’s closet, meets eclectic Korean fashion. Even though there was a ton of styles in the show, the fabrics and cuts seemed to all blend. I love when I can’t expect what look will walk down the runway next.


// Vintage dress from Doppelstandard, Coach boots //