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The new Cuyana Mini Circle belt bag is selling out so fast…so it’s time to go grab one here! It also comes in black, meaning you can match it with just about any look this coming season. Cuyana is my go-to brand for everyday leather essentials. They’re incredibly well-made and minimal, exactly what I like to keep on me at all times. This belt bag is best complete with a suit and vintage car of course. Wear it slung low on your hips with a dress, or like here, right on your waistline over a jacket or with your favorite high waisted bottoms. I was just leaving Palm Springs for LA when I stumbled up on this absolutely adorable vintage car shop sitting on a sunny corner off the main road. An old tan Mercedes Benz along with my tan suit seemed like a little match made in desert heaven. I kept things neutral, once again becoming a chameleon and matching my sandy surroundings. I have survived my 8th Coachella in a row and was ready to make my way out of the party scene and drive back to reality at my family’s home in Los Angeles. We stumbled upon this little part of town dedicated to antiquing. There’s an ease and slow pace in Palm Springs that we tend to forget about surrounding festival season. As the crowds of party-pooped festival-goers make their way to in-n-out burger and past the sandy windmills, Palm Springs remains just as calm and quiet as it’s always been. I savored these last few moments of the desert sun in a town that takes the old, and makes it still feel new again. See you next year Coachella.

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Okay, I have the bag that literally goes with everything: Cuyana’s classic shoulder bag. It’s every minimalist’s dream. Made in Italy of only the best materials, it’s a piece that looks elegant on a night on the town, or simply, biking through Brooklyn. Cuyana is a brand that I’ve been following for ages. They stand for integrity by only sourcing the highest quality materials from around the globe…each piece created by skilled craftsmen, spreading kindness along the way. They have increased the power of “fewer, better” where wardrobes are simplified with a sense of ease and confidence. This particular bag was inspired by the softness and strength of the everyday woman. It’s multidimensional, like it should always know they should be and were born to be. I’m at a time in my life where embracing the “fewer, better” mindset has really changed me for the better. I value closer, intimate friendships. I value being conscious of what I feed my body. I value making time for the little things that make my happy. I try not to overwork myself and start managing a hectic schedule in the most healthy way possible. That also factors in, shopping consciously and smarter along the way. I like knowing that each purchase has a little heart and soul. A story behind it. The brand has inspired now to go out and do something with a little integrity?! And look good while at it.

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