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// Aje dress. Carla Calour sunglasses. Emilio Cavallini tights. Salvatore Ferragamo shoes //

The amazing thing about red is that you can wear it head to toe. It’s vibrant and most of all, romantic. A statement all on its own. All you have to do is play with some feminine shapes and you’re good to go. Shop some of my favorites below. 


// Eleven Six sweater, manurí blazer and short, Reike Nen sandals //

Green remains one of my favorite colors. I saw this seafoam green knit peeking out from my closet and it inspired me that day to reach for variations of my favorite shade, like this pistachio power suit. Color to me is like love. I just couldn’t live without it. These particular shades calm me. 


// Tanya Taylor blazer and pant, Ninon earrings, Alameda Turquesa handbag, Falconeri cashmere sweater, Kat Maconie heels // 

It is amazing what color has been doing for my mood right now. I just want more sun. I want more vibrancy. Putting on a pink neon suit along with pops of orange and yellow immediately brings me happiness and gets me going as I work from home. For a quick breath of fresh air, you’ll find me on the rooftop, soaking in every ounce of happy blue sky. Keep things bright everyone!