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SATURDAY NIGHT IN vs SATURDAY NIGHT OUT? RIVE GAUCHE vs RIVE DROITE? Our Clash de Cartier campaign continues with Dylana and I in Paris, where opposites attract. The versatility of this statement ring always gives us so much to play with. Whether I’m having a night in, or going out in Les Marais with a red lip, I never take off this ring. It’s both a statement and an everyday piece. That in itself is the meaning behind Clash de Cartier. We even took the campaign to both sides of the Seine river. I represent Rive Gauche. Diverse, eccentric, with a down to earth attitude. Dylana may find bourgeois chic more her thing but together, we can’t help but gravitate towards a little luxury. To work with such an iconic house on their largest jewelry launch ever has been a dream. This is one sister shoot I will never forget. Until next time, Cartier.

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ROYAL versus REBEL? REALITY versus FANTASTY? Dylana and I were in Paris with the Cartier team for one of the brand’s biggest jewelry launches, Clash de Cartier! We had a few days of press appointments and brainstorming meetings in preparation of the campaign launch. Celebrities, influencers, and editors from all over the world flew in to be the very first to get access to this exclusive launch. To kick things off, Dylana and I shot this iconic Clash de Cartier ring in four major style clashes, all of which have been slowly been released this month. Our next #ClashdeCartier series is launching on Monday and I can’t wait for you to see more! For now, here is part 1 of our campaign. This spiky gold ring has multiple personalities, and I love how it embraces opposites, clashes, and contrasts. For our photoshoot, I am royal, while Dylana is rebel, yet we find harmony in gorgeous yellow ensembles on both sides of the style spectrum. You’ll also see that I am reality, while Dylana is fantasy. Honestly, I’m normally caught between the two clashes, keeping my feet firmly on the ground while also daring to dream. My sister and I represent both sides separately, yet we’re always tied together with our Clash de Cartier ring. Opposites attract in the best way.

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