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Weekend Look on a Budget | Chevy


I had the chance to cruise around one of my favorite neighborhoods in all of NYC, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, in none other than the great American car classic, a Chevy! The new Chevy Cruze to be exact. I’m more of a passenger seat sort of person, so Annie from Refinery 29 got behind the wheel and we explored the best of what Williamsburg had to offer vintage and thrift shopping wise. Driving is so much easier in Brooklyn than any other part of Manhattan, so it was nice to lean back and get a different view of the city from inside our Chevy. We went around town, exploring nooks and finding the best deals in town for outfits for girls on a budget. And because it’s Brooklyn, we can be sure find the most unique and statement-making pieces, so we won’t blend in with the crowd. The same goes for our Chevy. It’s always a standout car choice for a city girl!

Click the image below to watch the video on Refinery 29! I have to say the look we found under $200 was killer.