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Bally has updated it’s iconic Cecyle bag and this is the best new take on a spring purse in a while. It now comes in smaller size with lighter, airy colors and an even more subtle stud pattern. A white bag is essential for spring. I took my new buddy uptown. But what I love most is the little keyhole. Dear Cecyle holds all of my secrets. Want to know a funny one of mine? I like to visit the Plaza and pretend that I live there sometimes. I imagine waking up in the giant master suite, before grabbing my coffee and croissant to take a walk through this park. The Cecyle easily compliments the Upper East Side with it’s elegant shape and effortless sophistication. I could sit here in this park across the street from the Plaza and people watch all day. In NYC, glamour feels right at your fingertips. It’s a place you go to experience that typical New York City that always feels like magic. The hustle and bustle of Manhattan really surrounds this spot endlessly from day to night. The lights glimmering off of gold statues and reflecting off of beautiful buildings. It reminds me how powerful and unique the city really is and always will be. It is timeless. I couldn’t imagine this moment without my dear Cecyle crossbody bag, a trench coat, and a pair of my favorite boots. This is my uniform now and forever. The snow is slowly melting and I can already smell spring. I am so ready for more afternoon strolls in the park, dreaming of life at the Plaza. 

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