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// Emilio Cavallini jumpsuit, The Great Eros hi waist undies, vintage blazer, Lula Lulas earrings, S-Sil necklace //

There’s really just something extra special about a black and white photograph. You strip all the colors away, and you’re left with the bare bones. You’re left with one’s essence. I trust in my sister for always capturing the most artistic and beautiful images of me. She has that magic touch. Maybe I just feel the most me, and the most comfortable when she’s behind the camera. Nobody knows me better than her. And it’s in one’s essence that I find beauty. It’s going beyond what the eye can see, and into one’s soul. Wearing this lace bodysuit in front of the camera felt like stripping me down to my bare bones. A day where I felt strong, happy, and content in my own skin. I own my story and I am empowered by it. I love getting to share bits and pieces of this life with you, but I believe a woman must always keep something personal just for herself. To keep her mystery. That’s what a black and white photo does. It allows you to protect your mystery. I love who I am today. That’s something to be proud of.