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// LarAllan handbag //

This powerful bag by LarAllan is one I proudly wear to remember this momentous time in history we are living in now, when the tide turned and we made a vow to never give up on the fight. This time is just the beginning of our fight for equality for our Black communities. It’s the time their voices were heard, and a time that we actually stopped to listen and do something about it. It is a time that as non-Black people, we acknowledge our privilege and dig deep into the root of subconscious racism so that we can put an end to it. Like many of you, I am taking these stories home with me and educating myself, my family, and my friends. The more we keep this conversation going, the more we can tackle the roots of our history’s problems that go 400 years back. Let’s put in this time and this work and make it really mean something. As a fashion influencer, supporting black-owned businesses and letting the brands that I work with know that I stand for diversity and that I want them to also, is a great start. It’s a start that will keep going and growing and growing.