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The best place to unwind: at our treehouse at the Aqua Wellness Resort in Nicaragua. My sister recommended we head there with our group for a full 7 night stay of total relaxation. I’m not used to staying a week in any one spot when I’m traveling. I’m used to going here and there and around the world for only few days at a time before heading home to NYC or LA. Sometimes, I don’t like being away from home for over a week, but this time, I needed it. It was my first time at the resort and it was incredible. Trust me, I needed the downtime and little escape because lately, I’ve been working so much. A getaway from the cold city was just what was needed.

Mornings were spent on the yoga platform followed by afternoons dipping in our plunge pool, soaking in the stunning views of our bay. At night, we were either sleeping on a hammock or paddle boarding out into the sunset. It was a balanced combination of being on our feet, working our muscles, followed by total relaxation. My body has never felt better. My skin suddenly felt better. Plus, I was eating a lot healthier than usual. Think mornings of banana cocoa smoothies and dragonfruit bowls. We would slowly indulge in the occasional Toña beer before dinner. Here, we shot at our Sapote villa…2 suites with an amazing outdoor kitchen and even, an outdoor shower. We had a lot of time to hop between the Aqua Wellness beach and the neighboring Playa Gigante beach, but sometimes, we just really wanted to simply relax on our balcony with a good book. The best part was getting to catch up with old friends that I only get to see once or twice a year. These sorts of getaways are necessary for the mind, body, and soul.

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