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Home decor is one of my main inspirations. A beautiful, warm, and inviting home makes you feel good the moment you wake up. Your life just feels more put together, like you can conquer anything. Like most New Yorkers, I have moved a million times in the city. Now that I will finally be making my new loft a real home, I am investing in some really spectacular pieces. ABC Home has always been the store I visit to gather inspiration. The colors so vibrant and beautiful on each floor. Taking me from city to city, bedroom to bedroom, with their artistic and unique displays. I dream of them! But my favorite section is the rugs and carpets on the 6th floor. From the hand-knotted silk pieces from India…rich in greens and yellows, to the antique Tibetan rugs…their red hues just filling a room with warmth. For my loft, I will be playing with a lot more color. My style has always been eclectic and bohemian, but still earthy. Complete with a modern touch.  I can’t wait to finally make home feel a lot more me. A place to get creative. And what better way than starting it off with some beautiful finds brought in from all over the world. ABC Home is having their winter sale, and what a perfect time to move and stock up on timeless, out of this world home goods. I shall be taking a magic carpet ride every day from now on.


shop the sale at ABC Home.