// Suarez x APERCU eyewear sunglasses, Aritzia blazer and shorts, FRAME boots, vintage Chanel backpack // 

Dylana and I have been blown away by your #SuarezxAPERCU eyewear posts and are so grateful to see we have a fan base for them! Seeing you style and get creative with our collection makes me extra inspired for spring and summer. Bring out the sunshine and the sunnies. A few of our color ways and styles are currently sold out, but you can still join the waiting list. We will be restocking as soon as possible! CAPRI, the colorway I am wearing here, is a fun piece to go monochromatic with. Honestly, it’s my favorite way to style all of our designs. Easy and simple. A boyish blazer and matching trouser short and you’re good to go. Yep, I wore this to grab groceries in Brooklyn Heights the other day. Super casual, I know. But what other reasons do we have to dress up these days?