// UGG Ready-to-Wear, UGG classic boots // 

What I love most about being a part of the UGG #FEELLOVE campaign is it’s focus on appreciation and gratitude. The little things always happen to be the important things in life. I find comfort and love in my UGG boots just as much as I find comfort and love in my real life hero, Dylana. I am so appreciative of our sisterhood and unique bond now more than ever before. In a year of uncertainty, I find certainty and love in family. Instead of getting comfortable, we get uncomfortable and watch each other grow together as a team, and as individuals. I grow when I focus on what feels good, what brings me joy, and what brings me love. I find love in the giving that comes with sisterhood. I find love in creating beauty out of nothing. I find love and gratitude with the shoes on my feet. Feeling appreciation for all the little things in life, like sisterly love, has changed me for the better.