// VHNY cropped sweatshirt, Uniqlo jeans, Vintage Chanel backpack, H&M Studio earrings, Reike Nen loafers //

The perfect weekend ensemble. Inspired by the 90’s. Extremely comfortable. Totally wicked. Weekends for me are spent mostly in and around my neighborhood of Dumbo, Brooklyn. I don’t like to travel far on my days off. You can mostly find me browsing the Dumbo flea market for a good vintage blazer, or right here, at the Photoville art instillation that is showcasing alongside our parks and piers. There’s always something new to discover here and my weekend attitude is purely playful. Like here, dancing as the sun goes down under the Manhattan bridge, or using all of my energy out on my bicycle. Once Saturday hits, I get to wipe off the makeup and put on my comfy clothes. Give it a little glamour with a giant sparkling earring. This is a look that helps me ease into the perfect weekend of fun. 

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