It was always vintage Chanel that began my love for puffed sleeves, shoulder pads, and the tweed newsboy cap. I like to modernize that classic style with a handful of new emerging designers that also share that same love of vintage inspiration as me. Take this Tach satin blouse, Eugenia Kim cap, and suede Farah Asmar handbag. These three designers have completely given a fresh romantic take on pieces with a little blast from the past. This season, I’m leaning towards soft palettes and interesting textures. I find this to be a look I would have worn 10 years ago, and maybe one I would wear 10 years from now. As for my weekend, I have a Sunday completely off, meaning I get to bop around downtown with some quality sister time before heading to France on Tuesday. I live for my Sundays. This week was one filled with press days and a few exciting new campaign shoots which you probably could find on my Instagram. I now find so much joy in picking up a fresh bouquet of flowers with friends and strolling the gorgeous NYC streets. No agenda. No nothing. I’ll always appreciate these simple moments and quiet days that makes me fall in love with NYC over and over again.

Tach Clothing blouse

Eugenia Kim hat

Tommy Hilfiger pant 

Farah Asmar handbag 

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