This is certainly a cream that’s worth the investment. Genaissance de La Mer. The collection takes the energies of the sea and fast-forwards your skin’s renewal process. My favorite product from the collection? The Eye and Expression cream. Our bodies’ most expressive features are also the most delicate and need the most love. This cream can soften and smooth these fine lines around the eyes and around the mouth. I’m taking little steps to keep my skin as smooth as possible even through the squints and laughs – some of the best parts of life.

With La Mer, I’m applying my Eye and Expression cream the right way…a way I have never tried before. Always use your ring finger to dab the cream around your eyes and mouth…it’s the most delicate finger to apply on your skin without adding too much pressure. Dab, dab, dab before finishing it off with the sea-stone inspired massage tool. I like to go in circular motions lifting upwards and outwards. Right now, I feel my skin is at it’s absolute best. Plumper, more hydrated, and super rejuvenated. My nightly routine just got a whoooole lot more luxurious. I am Genaissance all the way.

Genaissance de La Mer Eye and Expression cream




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