For a night at the annual Harper’s Bazaar BAZAAR ICONS party celebrating rock n’ roll, I went this unforgettable red dress by Cinq a Sept. With a perfect crop top that so elegantly tied at the shoulder, and a billowing skirt wrapped so perfectly around the waist, it felt a lot more like the undone, rock n’ roll version of a ball gown. Exactly what I was going for. And in red…my favorite color. Stepping onto the red carpet, I kind of had to hold my breath. It is certainly one of the most star-studded parties during NYFW and I was lucky enough to attend and spend the night with my loves at Stella Artois. Here’s what a real party at The Plaza feels like.

Pre-party, IGK Hair came over and gave my hair some seriously good, messy waves. Before any special red carpet, messy waves are my go-to. It’s easy and immediately brings any red carpet look back down to earth. Dylana quickly took me outside to grab these shots at sundown before getting in the car. I’m actually in love with the industrial backdrop of my home of Dumbo, Brooklyn against something so elegant and beautiful, like this dress. It’s the way the skirt moves with the wind whenever I took a step that was pure magic. Upon arriving at The Plaza, I knew what I was getting into. Cameras were everywhere and the street was closed off. I kind of just wanted to step back and watch. There’s something about The Plaza that’s so classically old-school New York City. It’s like walking into a silent film…and it all becomes a blur when you’re in a room surrounded by so many inspiring people. I grabbed a FujiFilm Instax camera off the table and couldn’t put it down. I wanted to capture it all. The dresses. The chandeliers. The marble staircases. Between the dancing and the laughter, all I can really remember was the bass of The Weeknd ringing in my ear, and the sway of this dress. A NYFW night at it’s finest.

Cinq a Sept top

Cinq a Sept skirt

Devi Kroell handbag


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