It’s amazing how many ways I can style this metallic skirt. It’s been my summer go-to. Here, I gave it a little structure. An asymmetrical off-shoulder blouse and new everyday bag by X. Nihilo. Shapes and edges that flow and compliment one another. Speaking of structure, it feels amazing to finally spend some quality time back home in NYC. Sweltering July travels, buzzing around the world, working on location, has transitioned into a grounded beginning-of-August in NYC. My family is in town, meaning things have been madness in Casa Natalie juggling both work and family time, but I love it. August is my time to re-focus, plan, and strategize for what’s to come in fall.

Having family visit always gives me a fresh, new perspective on things. It’s a time to finally stop, take a breather, and look at the bigger picture….from digging deeper into my work, career, and life, but also digging into all the little-things I so often overlook, like organizing my house and purging my closet. What can be improved? What’s next? As much as we laugh and joke with each other, my family gets down to business and helps me in so many aspects of my life…both the amazing and challenging ones. Sometimes I wish LA was so much closer to NYC so I could see my parents more often. One of my favorite sayings “the journey is better than the inn” is used a lot in my house. The team and I are always traveling, shooting, and working. It’s so important to live in the moment…live for the journey. It’s like taking a photograph…it’s the process of getting that shot that is more meaningful to me…the story and realness behind the lens. Basically, make the ride worthwhile…with whatever you’re doing, every single day. I’m feeling a bit grateful this Friday, and super excited for fall… for a re-vamp and a little more structure. But in reality, the unplanned moments are always the best. So, let’s just roll with it.

Claudia Li blouse

BB Dakota skirt

Senso shoes

X Nihilio handbag

Jennifer Zeuner earrings 


20 Responses to A LITTLE STRUCTURE

  1. Natali says:

    Oh yes, support from our family and having them nearby means the world and everything, even the hardest moments or tasks seem “easier” to deal with when we have understanding and support from those who matter the most to us. 🙂
    You’re looking beautiful as always and your bag is so cute and unique!



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