I’ve had this beautiful striped Martin for years, and though my time is super limited when it comes to practicing, it always slips out from the corner by my bedside table to make an appearance whenever my girlfriends come over. Maybe it’s the cocktails or the good vibes, but with every hangout, there’s music. It’s funny but true friends really bring out the best in you. Inspiring you to do something you haven’t done in a while. Igniting the little flames inside of you.

And with any jam session, we love to pull out some chords and harmonize. Our last cover? Toxic, by Britney Spears on a gloomy 4th of July weekend. Man, girl bands really need to make a comeback. Guitar reminds me of my hometown of Los Angeles in my early teens. Summers so hot and boring, all I could do was really sit in my bedroom and teach myself some music. K-EARTH 101 was my radio station and all I knew were the oldies and the top 100’s of the 70’s. Janis Joplin had all the feels. Aretha Franklin gave me power and soul. But it wasn’t until Jewel that I learned to fingerpick a guitar. And with every junior and high school performance, I gathered my girls. We had the backup dancers, the sparkling dresses, and leather jazz shoes. But the dancer and soul singer is still in me…the little fiery flame inside that is ready to roar. What do you want me to sing next?!

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