I am such a fan of opposites. As for my style, it’s true that opposites attract. Like here, sashaying down the grassy fields of the Bonnaroo campground in this most glamorous Ji Oh fringed dress. Why not? Or throwing on a completely unexpected bucket hat just for the fun of it. Just like at any outdoor music festival, anything goes. Yep, Opening Ceremony brought back the bucket hat. Are you ready for all this summer madness?

Another thing that might sound absolutely bonkers is glamping. Yep, glamping is suddenly a real word: glam camping. It’s exactly as it sounds. You get electricity, the whole VIP treatment, and still get to sleep under the stars and hear the headliners from your bed. Does it get any better? But this year, it felt like all the fun was in General Admission. I couldn’t help but twirl this night through these tie dye rows of tents. I caught the last second of sunset and made friends from all over the world. There was so much to capture behind my lens. The energy. The crowds. The people. It’s eclectic. It’s real. Grass is always greener on the other side depending how you look at it.

Espirit x Opening Ceremony bucket hat

Ji Oh fringed dress

Teva sandals 


20 Responses to HAPPY CAMPER

  1. lauriemanson says:

    That dress is so cute to be flirting with it and that bucket hat really brings out your lovely face. Have fun all the time Natalie , love you !

  2. klbella7 says:

    Obsessed with that look . Bucket hat and also that lovely Teva , my favorite summer sandals, so comfy , didn’t know it can be so chic with fringy dress.


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