Elegant dresses. Endless glasses of champagne. Polo. The Vueve Clicquot 10th Annual Polo Classic was a total dream, just like it is every single year. NYC had a beautiful burst of sunshine through the clouds as I squinted looking into the sky on the ferry to Liberty State Park. I couldn’t help but smile the whole time. Veuve Clicquot Polo is an afternoon to put your best foot forward and dress to the nines. The more decadent, the better. I love kicking off summer with Veuve Clicquot. They embody everything I love about summer: ros, luxury, and really good company. And like at any polo match, I dressed the part. Who makes this absolutely stunning number? Fendi, of course.

This Fendi dress screamed “polo” the moment I saw it. Because the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic is always full of fresh flowers, I wanted something that would easily float with a whimsical air throughout the party. Veuve Clicquot never ceases to amaze me with their aesthetic and eye for throwing a really darn good party…and a stunning one at that. So I went with something that easily could have been out of a fairy tale book because all I wanted to do was dance amongst the grassy fields to the DJ’s stellar playlist. Can you say Alice in Wonderland? This Fendi look straight off of the runway really just moved with the wind, and in all the right ways. I love how Fendi went full force with ribbons for spring. It’s romantic. It’s elegant. It’s fun and youthful. Ribbons reminds me of my childhood. Weaving them into my hair and tying them round my ankles. This long sleeved dress is anything but simple. Just look at all the little details! It’s like wearing a piece of art. An embellished, fitted sheer sleeve…an open back, dripping in ribbons…a full skirt that billows out from high up above my waistline. It’s a fit I’ve never worn before. It could easily be something out of a whole different time period. A Victorian-esque heels and metallic green bag gave this feminine piece some edge.

Fendi dress

Fendi “kan” handbag

Fendi booties

Club Monaco earrings


  1. Ellese says:

    wow! You are absolutely stunning love! My favorite photo is of you sitting down and all the hustle in the background. That dress is insane! Very elegant yet edgy when you pair those boots with them. Thanks for sharing the event with us! XO, Ellese


  2. maggie777 says:

    You are such a beautiful girl always wearing stunning clothings and I am so obsessed and love to follow your style for sure, may not be as pretty like you but sure an inspiration to me and many others.


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