I am wearing the colors of the ocean around my neck in David Yurman‘s new and exclusive DY Bel Aire collection…which launches today! Teal! Green! Blue! These are my colors for summer, and I love how David Yurman took such a classic style of chains and made them edgy, bohemian, and super luxurious. If you look closely, you’ll see a variety of delicate David Yurman amulets. An emerald cut amulet in 18k gold…a hamsa amulet with diamonds…a moon and star amulet…and an evil eye amulet with blue sapphires in 18k gold. Amazing right?! I love that they easily clip on and off the chains to style however I want. Each piece and chain, telling an intimate story. I can’t wait to collect more throughout the summer.

The amazing thing about David Yurman’s DY Bel Aire collection is that they’re meant to be worn multiple ways: as a choker, as a long necklace, wrapped around my wrists, or twisted around my ankles. It’s amazing how jewelry so versatile and wearable, can still remain so elegant. Only David Yurman can master that. The art of luxurious, statement jewelry. I love having a little bit of the sea with me everywhere I go, paired with a simple stack of David Yurman’s cable spira bracelets for a finishing touch. Last weekend was a gloomy on in Montauk. We were hoping for a lot more sunshine, but at least we got to see the water. I kept my outfits simple this weekend, all black, with just a handkerchief on my head. The Dock in Montauk’s fishing marina was quiet and calm on this particular Sunday. Looking at the fishing boats that lined the marina told so many stories of Montauk’s past. We hung out here for only a little bit, but I’ll always remember the lazy, even gloomy days, of summer that are so addicting. My David Yurman necklaces in a way were a form of sunshine. I’ll always wear them on days like these.

shop David Yurman’s DY Bel Aire collection chains (with 14k gold accents)

shop my David Yurman amulets:

Evil Eye Amulet with Diamonds and Blue Sapphires in 18k Gold

Cable Collectibles Emerald Cut Amulet in 18k Gold

Cable Collectibles Hamsa Amulet in 18k Gold with Diamonds

Moon and Star Amulet with Diamonds and 18k Gold

on my wrists:

Cable Spira Bracelet with Turquoise in 18K Gold, 4mm

Cable Spira Bracelet with Blue Sapphires in 18K Gold, 4mm

Cable Spira Bracelet with Pearls in 18K Gold, 4mm


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