I am certainly taking a cue from Titanic this morning with this look. It’s totally a bit of Edwardian era style from the early 1900’s…super soft, flowing fabrics. Pre-World War I. Elegant shapes. Ruffles. Corset, cinched waists. But of course, my own modern spin on it. I totally also see tiny bits of the 30’s and 50’s in here as well. Totally something I could have sworn my grandmother wore on the front porch of her Los Angeles home, based off all the blurry black and white film photos I have in my scrapbook. She had incredible and elegant style…I was so surprised when I heard it was my grandfather who actually had a lot of input in the dresses and clothes she went shopping for. Everything back in the day accentuated the woman’s body. Extra feminine. High waists were always cinched. Skirts were always slim and below the knee. Here’s my modern take on this very vintage inspired look.

I am so excited that this beautiful Marni skirt gets to make an appearance! I wear it all the time, but never had a chance to photograph it. Isn’t the print just perfection? You can never go wrong with Marni. With something so elegant, I gave it a little sexy touch with a sheer ruffled blouse by Jill Stuart and a waist belt I snagged off a different dress I have from Carolina K. White on white with a play on textures. I was actually headed to have a picnic in the park. It was one of the first really hot days we’ve had in NYC and all I was craving was sun. Who knew that this retro picnic basket doubled as the perfect handbag? But like everyday, I like to stay comfortable. The Nike Cortez sneaker seems to work perfectly with my midi skirt collection…which was actually a remake of the classic Cortez from decades ago. A blast from the past is always picture perfect.

Jill Stuart blouse

Carolina K belt (from a dress)

Marni skirt

Nike sneakers

Smoke x Mirrors sunglasses 

Topshop earrings



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