This season I went to Coachella sans kimono and crochet crop tops. I wanted to steer clear of the typical festival fashion. Instead of leaning towards fast fashion that you can only wear for just that weekend, invest in some statement denim pieces that will take you through Coachella and beyond. That’s why I went with 7 For All Mankind in my festival packing. Their new denim collection consists of jumpsuits (yep, it hugs perfect at the waist), mid-rise shorts in classic washes, and super comfortable low-rise flares. Denim is easy, and you can accessorize each piece to make it your own. The new 7FAM collection has a 70’s twist that I loved. One day I went with an adorable off-shoulder jumpsuit. The next, a bodysuit and black denim shorts. For my last day on Coachella grounds, I sported a full-on light blue denim crop top and matching flare pant. Edgy and unexpected with a pop of red. Less is more, believe it or not. Even at Coachella. But that’s the beauty of festival season…just do you, even if it’s against the norm, and listen to some good music.

And I can finally say this: my 6th Coachella in a row is officially accomplished! It certainly came and went far too fast. Each year gets better and better. You begin to know what to pack. (I always go with sunscreen, gum, and face wipes). You pick out the right shoes for a day of dancing on your feet. You remember to pack that straw hat and pair of sunglasses because of those countless hours under the hot sun. You realize that “yes, you need a car” especially if you want to event hop and not rely on your huge party crew. Planning and executing is suddenly soooo much easier. Each Coachella reminiscent of the last, with an unexpected new twist. I saw some of my favorite bands this year: Father John Misty, Future, and Lady Gaga. I did manage to squeeze in some time to spin under the flashing lights at the Sahara Tent. So many rice bowls consumed in VIP…so much ice cream…and even more memories. The festival may be super hectic but it’s the time on the road that I love most. Sitting at the wheel. That’s the beauty of being out in the desert. You forget the time. You don’t have your normal routine. It’s just you, the open road, and some good tunes.


7 For All Mankind jumpsuit

The 2 Bandits earrings

7 For All Mankind black denim shorts

Novella Royale bodysuit

Rebecca Minkoff scarf

Elizabeth & James earrings

Marimekko rings

7 For All Mankind denim bustier

7 For All Mankind flare jeans

Sandro Paris blazer

Ray-Ban sunglasses

The 2 Bandits earrings


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