This is certainly one of my most outstanding coats in my closet. The most luxe, yet worn on always the most casual of days. A constant head turner. I’ve worn it numerous times throughout the winter, yet this is it’s first appearance on le blog…and with a bang. So, how the heck do you get away with these bold jewel tones?

That is…by wearing black. Lots of black. Us New Yorkers know a thing or two about black. It’s classic. It’s chic. It’s elegant. It goes with everything. It’s necessary for our sunniest and even gloomiest of days. I paired this poppy red, royal blue, and teal coat with some of my favorite classics. A black patent leather skirt. A cashmere black turtleneck. My favorite Nike Airs. Funny enough, this is something super “casual” for me. I spent this busy afternoon running around Brooklyn looking at beautiful homes for my sister, Dylana (I’m so excited for her to also become a homeowner!) in Carroll Gardens and Cobble Hill, two stunning areas that are extremely close to my home. We’re talking rows of brownstones you only see in movies. Quaint restaurants. Little wine bars. Artisan shops. Brooklyn to me is extremely homey with an endless amount of things to do, see, and explore. Of course, all I want is for Dylana to be my neighbor! Buying a home always feels scary and new…heck, I can’t believe I’ve been a homeowner now for already over a year! Once you find a home that feels right, it suddenly doesn’t feel so scary. Just think of all of the decor…and getting that thrill of excitement in making your creative space purely you. So BOSS. Just trust your gut and instincts. Same with getting dressed in the morning. Feel the feels and go with what works. Now how perfect is this Carroll Gardens street corner?

Jocelyn coat

Smoke x Mirrors sunglasses

Naked Cashmere turtleneck

White + Warren cashmere scarf

Joie skirt

DKNY tights

Nine West bucket bag 


  1. Beverly willia says:

    OMG I copied your style today totally and you know what my friends can’t believe it when I told them about you the famous model/blogger. Now you gonna have a lot more fans like me, and oh they love it !

  2. klbella7 says:

    Love the sunnies and the sneakers so much with stockings , so chic and so comfy living in NYC we needed that comfy chi look durrrr!


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