I always feel most comfortable in my own skin when I’m with my older sister, Dylana. She’s the lady behind the lens for most of my photographs, and of course has starred alongside me for numerous campaigns. I never mind stripping down in a pair of undies for one of her artistic shots. As sisters, we actually have almost identical bodies. Tall, boyish, athletic. I guess you can call it a dancer’s body. Our motto is “imperfection is beauty.” Without imperfections, what would make us all each so special? Imperfections are inspiring. They make your think and see differently. Imperfections should be embraced and celebrated. Who cares if you’re not the girl next door. Growing up, I never looked like anyone in my class. Everything from my cultural background to my height. Not to mention, I had dreams that were larger than life, but with fashion, music, and art, I was able to find myself. Find and unleash what makes you feel beautiful.


// Journelle lingerie set //


  1. 5ft Life says:

    Id LOVE to be confident enough to take shots like these! But im working on it, im on a huge self love kick atm. I dont want to look back in my 50s and say “oh I wished I loved myself more” or “I wish i appreciated my body more”. Life really is too short and I feel lucky enough to be realising this at 23 not 43…

    Hayley xx

  2. Laurel says:

    This is one of the most pretentious things I’ve ever seen. “Imperfection is beauty” says the girl with a lean, toned body who’s been styled and photographed at attractive angles with a nice camera. OK.


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