Joie De Vivre: (noun) exuberant enjoyment of life.

Haleigh took this photo of me and said that is “joie de vivre.” The ability to love life in it’s most simple and pure form. I’ve been obsessed with the term ever since. My joy in life is creating. Creating photos. Memories. Songs. Stories. Friendships. But most importantly, creating moments. It could be the excitement of waking up in a new city with just a camera, a good friend, and your imagination. Or it could be the moment you slip on your favorite pair of jeans that make you go “damn, I feel good.” Or the fulfillment you get by staying in and cooking yourself a meal at home. Joie de vivre is like waking up everyday and feeling completely free. Free from past experiences, people, and anything holding us back from purely enjoying the moment and seeing what makes life so beautiful. Sometimes we get so caught up in what’s happening around us that we forget what’s happening inside of us. Communicate and be open to just about anything. Be an opportunist. Just breathe. Just live. Laugh at yourself. Do what makes you happy and cherish this little thing we all go through called life.


shot by Haleigh

// Minkpink top, Earnest Sewn x Refinery 29 jeans, AGL shoes (similar) //

27 Responses to THE JOY OF LIVING

  1. Tia Eiland says:

    The photography is breathtaking and your message is so beautiful, life is such a blessing and at times we get caught up in unimportant things that we forget to smell the roses and truly be grateful for our lives and the people in it.

  2. Jenelle says:

    I remember screen grabbing that first image on my phone when you shared it on Instagram. That freedom, that feeling. It all comes together in such an effortless way. I love that feeling.

    xx Jenelle


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