There is nothing more brilliant than dipping yourself in your very own hot spring pool. From Peninsula Papagayo we hit the road one evening through the sunset to La Fortunado. Our destination? The dreamy Nayara Springs hotel. We arrived just past midnight and woke up to the sounds of a man and his guitar playing Hotel California in the restaurant. Nayara Springs is surrounded by jungle. Hills so lush and so green. Just getting to our room is like going through Jurassic Park. We took it’s narrow bridge surrounded by tall trees decked in twinkling lights up to our casita. But it wasn’t until the crack of dawn that we really got to experience all of Nayara’s beauty. Our backyard hot spring was surrounded by leaves so big you really couldn’t see anything a mile away…maybe just a small glimpse of the volcano. We spent hours in our hot spring pool. The steam worked miracles on our skin. We’re talking baby soft. Just what we needed after days roughing it out surfing in the sun. We started our days with a classic Costa Rican dish of eggs, cheese, wild rice and watermelon smoothies, followed by yoga during the rain. Fully chilled out thanks to the burning incense of palo santo wood and the sounds of the guitar. Want to go on a honeymoon? Go here.


// Wildfox sunglasses, Tori Praver swimsuit //


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    I love British humour. I am an confessed Anglophile. Sometimes I sit with American friends and family watching British TV shows, laughing my behind off, and they’re looking at me, like I’m nuts, because they don’t get it. Thanks Maria, I’ll get the book.

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    Hej BirgitteSom altid en fornøjelse at læse din blog. Og et stort tillykke med sønnen.Og du har ret – mÃ¥ske – der bliver mere tid til kreativitet – ved efterÃ¥rets komme.Kram Dorthe


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