This may be one of the most brilliant hikes I’ve been on. Mistico Bridges in La Fortunada, Costa Rica. Our tour guide, Ane, was seriously the cutest. A giant telescope always at hand. Her eyes bright like an eagle…out to spot even the tiniest, most unique of species! She knew every single bird. Every monkey. Every spider. Every frog. Every little snake curled up in a leaf. Her face lighting up every single time she could find us something to take a photo of. “Ooh-ing” and “Aaah-ing” the whole way through. I finally know what a MotMot is…one of the prettiest birds I’ve ever seen. It was pretty spectacular getting so up close and personal with these creatures. Being able to discover things that are so new and removed from our everyday lives. It’s peaceful. With every drip of sweat we grew more energized. Never wanting it to end. I think it’s the fresh smell of the jungle that I loved the most and the excitement of whatever we were to stumble upon next. But it’s the bridges that are seriously magical, hence the name “Mistico”. You’re so high up and intertwined within the trees that you feel like you’re floating on thin air. The hanging bridges slightly swaying with every delicate step. We cooled down from our hike with a picnic, rosé, and a really great outdoor shower. A great plan well executed.


// She Made Me crochet bikini, SINGLE silk kimono, AE shorts, Wildfox bikini top, Maria Castelli backpack //


  1. aurora says:

    you are so gorgeous perfect natural body and you are so true to yourself and that’s the reason why I am so obsessed with your beauty too and I am sure so are your other followers.


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