Visiting 87 year old Aunt Sally’s home in East LA is always a fun, and calming afternoon. We always end up drinking a ton of coffee, and talking about everything. But most especially, the past. It’s like going back in time, to when life was a lot more simpler. A lot slower. She was much like a mother figure to my father. He was born in that same little house in el barrio. Hard to imagine him being born in that tiny house, let alone having a dresser cabinet pulled out  as his actual crib. Being the blonde baby he was with a head of curls, and big blue eyes (yes, my Latino side of my family were born with the iciest blue eyes ever)…he really stood out, and almost got kidnapped right on that very front yard where Dylana is sitting. Luckily, our grandma called in “Adrian! Adrian!” and grabbed him before the kidnappers got back in their van and sped off. A lot has happened in that house. Aunt Sally still lives there, her Christmas decorations seem to be up all year long, but that’s the charm. And she speaks of my Dad as a baby as a child of her own, and how our uncle was the most handsome actor in the area. The way she looks at my uncle’s photo on the wall makes my heart melt. We love you Aunt Sally.


// For Love and Lemons sweater, Amuse Society jacket, Sabrina SL choker //


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