It only felt like yesterday that I was rubbing “sunkissed bronzer” over my limbs throughout the winter before even thinking of stepping out the door with my bare legs. With so much traveling, I’m the most sunkissed I’ve been in a really long time. Every time I step into a room, everyone is shocked to see by summer vibes. “you’re so tan!” or “is that blonde?” It’s funny how us New Yorkers notice just an ounce of color. It started with festival season. From the pools of Coachella to camping at Bonnaroo to Governor’s Ball and now only a week until hot, hot Lollapalooza. Then it was the boat rides that came with the Italian sun of Porto Santo Stefano. Along with weekends biking out in Montauk. Oh, did I mention I’m soon to be flying to NICARAGUA?! I can officially say I’ve mastered the naturally glowed look that just comes with plenty of traveling…and plenty of sunscreen! SPF 70 and a sunhat to be exact. Continually keeping cool in nothing but midrift baring tanks, culottes, and studded slides.

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//Sabrina SL leather choker and cuff, The Jetset Diaries top, Bar III culottes, Sanica handbag, Coach sandals //


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