Intimate with Natori


For me, getting dressed really starts with my lingerie. I’m a sucker for romantic sets. The black lace bra. The floral white lace bodysuit. The silk of my powder pink robe. For spring, I’ve been leaning towards Natori lingerie. It’s classic, fits like a dream, and is just pure luxury. Even if i’m throwing on a loose tank and jeans, I still want my lingerie to feel sexy. So if it happens to peek on the side on my tank, it gives off a little mystery. “Now what was that bra she’s wearing?!” I’m always intrigued by what my friends are leaning towards every season. Sharing what bra we’re wearing is such a girl thing. It’s during the weekends that I like to get up really slowly and stay in my underwear. Sipping on coffee and reading a magazine before jumpstarting into the day. Especially on a rainy NYC day. Lingerie should feel personal and intimate. Lucky for me, I have no neighbors that can peer inside my windows.


Natori Feathers bodysuit in white + Josie Natori Charlize Wrap, in blush.

natori-lingerie-20resized.j,pgnatori-lingerie-19resizednatori-lingerie-18resizednatori-lingerie-15resizednatori-lingerie-12resizednatori-lingerie-11resized// Natori Blossom bra and Blossom bikini panty, in gunmetal + Josie Natori Bold Blossom Robe, embroidered two-tone silk charmeuse //

natori-lingerie-3resizednatori-lingerie-5resizednatori-lingerie-1resized// Natori Feathers contour plunge bra and Feathers hipster panty, in black + Josie NatoriChantilly Lace Robe, in black //

Photographed by Dylana Suarez 

30 Responses to Intimate with Natori

  1. Jenna says:

    Girl you look so amazing. Lingerie is one of my truest loves. I have yet to work up the courage to post photos of myself in lingerie, but one day, ONE DAY I tell you! Those robes are amazing but I mean come onnnn that bodysuit? Perfection.

    You are such an inspiration.


    1. Stacy says:

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