I’m finally getting to our last day in Paris. What felt like ages ago. Just before heading to the airport, we stumbled upon the Les Colonnes De Buren in the inner courtyard of the Palais Royal, an art installation from 1985. Hopping from stone to stone, and getting dizzy just looking at it. Especially after the hangover that comes with a true Parisian night out by the canal. Sipping on Jamaican cocktails, stumbling out the bar, just to find that the pot-head pickpocketer snatched your friend’s phone from her purse. Don’t stay out too late chicas, you never know what will happen! So to complete our French excursion, we had one last meal. Not the baguettes from the corner bakery, nor the delicious Vietnamese pho from Les Marais that I still crave, but a quick pit stop at H.A.N.D.S for a traditional American breakfast. Yes it means “Have a Nice Day.” Eggs, bacon, and toast. I guess we really are all American girls.


// VEDA leather jacket + coat, AC for AG jeans, Autumn Cashmere sweater, Aritzia scarf, Worth & Worth hat, Jerome Bocchio handbag, Jocelyn Fur accessory //

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  1. Naomi says:

    Oh my gosh…totally living vicariously through your posts as Paris is one of the top three places I’d like to visit. You look amazing and are dressed like a true Parisian! Sorry to hear about your friend’s phone that got pick pocketed…but hopefully it’s a lesson to stay on your toes when traveling abroad!! Love your beautiful photos as always <333

    xoxoxoox, Naomi | http://bunnyandfawn.blogspot.com/

  2. ciara says:

    I found your site through Free People. I love you and your sister’s photography style. I’ll be in Europe in a few weeks, so these photos give me such a different perspective than traditional tourist photos. I cant wait!

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