Days in Paris are meant for walking and soaking in it’s beauty until you’re so tired, you just have to sit down for a big glass of wine…and wifi. But it feels good to be disconnected. We had those simple moments leaning our heads back on the chairs at the Louvre as bursts of sunlight sporadically made it’s way through the clouds. The French either reading a book or staring up into the blue sky. Talk about a very chill Paris Fashion Week. I’m always down for a chat and good company as opposed to the crazy crowds of the front row.


// Worth & Worth hat, Rodebjer blouse, VEDA shearling jacket, J Brand jeans, Donni Charm scarf, Zadig et Voltaire boots, Jerome Bocchio handbag + Jocelyn Fur //

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  1. rossana says:

    How amazing and lucky you and sister Dylana can be to travel and see the world , so happy for both of you , all the pics are amazing love it.


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